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Common thread topics
< on 3/14/2015 5:39 AM >

Posted on Forum: UER Forum
This is a list of some of the best threads I could find on very commonly discussed topics. It's my attempt to consolidate and organize some of the treasure-trove of great information that is available for both new and experienced explorers on these forums, especially in the Rookie Forum.

General UE Discussion

How did you get into exploring: (how did you find UER?)

Best time to explore: (night vs day) (night vs day) (winter exploring) (winter exploring)

UE-Themed Movies, Books, Music, Video Games (abandonments used in movies) (houses or hospitals in movies) (TV and movies) (movies) (movies) (horror movies) (music) (music) (video games) (video games, 2003) (fiction books) (books about UE) (books) (Access All Areas)


What gear to bring: (gloves) (gloves) (boots) (boots) (backpacks) (backpacks) (gloves and GPS) (winter gear) (winter clothing) (inflatable rafts) (self defense) (draining gear) (waders) (headlamps)

Bump keys: (bump keys) (bump keys) (bump keys) (lock picking) (lock picking)

Cameras and photography gear: (Trap’s basics write-up) (official camera thread) (focal lengths) (wide-angle lenses) (lenses) (lens hoods) (cameras in drains) (cleaning your camera) (tripods, tripod repair) (GoPro)

Respirators: (cautionary tale) (Send4Help’s guide) (Message from Asbestos Cancer Center) (basics of asbestos) (mesothelioma) (asbestos)

Basic UE Guides and Tips

Active infiltration: (credibility props) (“disguises”) ("disguises") (active security) (construction)

Draining: (when it rains…) (when it rains…) (cautionary tale) (draining gear) (manholes) (manholes) (manholes) (CSOs and sewers) (CSOs and sewers, air quality) (What’s a CSO?) (walking through sludge) (finding drains) (tidal drains, cautionary tale)

Rooftops: (rooftop antenna safety) (giant photo thread)

Mines: (gas detectors) (gas detectors) (caves)

Houses: (Is it abandoned?) (Is it abandoned?) (houses, worth doing?)

Cranes: (fear of heights, cranes) (construction sites)

Radio towers: (rooftop antenna safety) (cautionary tale)

Water towers: (giant photo thread)

Legal issues, getting caught

Alarms and security cameras: (alarms) (alarms) (wireless cameras) (door alarms) (alarm stickers) (guard dogs) (old alarms)

What happens if you get caught? (Washington state) (Ontario) (drains) (bridges) (“disguises”) (security guards) (exploring with minors) (criminal records) (can police look at your photos?) (climbing) (getting caught in a foreign country) (legal defense costs) (cautionary tale) (Citizen's Guide to Surviving a Police Encounter) (getting caught stories) (getting arrested stories)

Photography, legal issues: (legality of posting photos) (legality of posting photos) (photographer’s rights) (can police look at your photos?) (advice from an actual lawyer)

UE and Professional Life: (career gets in the way of UE?) (career gets in the way of UE?) (UE-related careers) (UE-related careers)

Legal locations / asking for permission: (buying an abandonment)

UE Dangers

Falling through floors: (cautionary tale)

Wildlife: (animals) (bees, wasps, hornets) (ticks) (bats)

Dealing with fear: (fear of heights) (fear of heights, cranes)

Exploring Alone / Group Size: (exploring alone) (group size) (group size, active locations) (group size, draining) (age differences) (exploring alone, cautionary tale)

Encountering other people while exploring: (Captain-Slow’s basic write-up) (taggers) (gangs)

Self-Defense / Weapons (scouting) (finding weapons while exploring) (firearms private board) (poll) (non-lethal defense) (Have you ever actually had to defend yourself?) (guns, CCP)

UE Challenges

How to find locations: (tunnels) (drains)

POE challenges: (2nd floor window) (2nd floor window) (2nd floor window) (barbed wire fences) (razor wire) (rappelling) (rope work, cautionary tale) (drain gates) (drain gates) (drain gates) (pathetic security measures) (things that keep you away) (booby traps, cautionary tale)

About this List
This list is NOT meant to imply that it's in any way against the rules to discuss topics that have been done before! Sometimes fresh threads on old topics can bring in new information, and revitalize the conversation, especially if the other threads are archived, or if you have a slightly different angle to take on the topic. And hey, it's the Rookie Forum!

Most of the threads linked to here are in the rookie forum, but there are a few in other categories. I have made an effort to only include high-quality threads with serious responses. I have also deliberately excluded from this list any threads which are full member only, or hidden away in private boards, because I want this to be accessible for everyone. The best threads that I've linked to are in bold. Most of those are high-quality write-ups and guides written by experienced explorers for beginners.

If you have suggestions or contributions for this list, feel free to PM me about it. But don't be offended if I don't add everything you suggest. I want to keep this list somewhat concise so it's easy to find what you're looking for.

This will evolve over time as I, and the other mods, tweak and add to the list.


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"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go..." -Dr. Suess
UER Forum > Rookie Forum > Common thread topics (Viewed 14485 times)

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