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UER Forum > Journal Index > drie's journal > Danvers with mike dijital, who adopted my kitty! (Viewed 2296 times)
Danvers with mike dijital, who adopted my kitty!
entry by Drie 
9/9/2004 1:24 PM

Yesterday was a wonderful day! I headed out to Danvers with Tanner from my group. We were mostly going to bring my pet cat, Chaik, to mike's house, because im moving and I can't take her with me. Mike and erin are adopting her, which is awesome. They HAVE adopted her at this point I guess. So, we show up after getting slightly lost (Fuck mapquest!), Eat some pizza, let the cat run around like a nut for a few minutes, and then head out to the Kirk at Danvers.

It was a perfectly misty night, which made for both excellent cover and excellent atmosphere on the grounds. We cut through the cemetary, climbed a hill, and in we went.

Danvers, for anyone who has never seen pics, is a perfect rendition of what you would think an asylum would look like. The architecture is outstanding. Everything is gabled, dormered, and gothic. It's very beautiful. I would go so far as to say it's probably the second most beautiful building i've ever seen, second only to halycon hall.

Inside, the floors are strewn with papers. If you pay enough attention you can follow a rather interesting trail through the building. I spent some time hanging out and reading this stuff. I won't get into all the details, but it was very cool.

Another thing about danvers that was awesome was the stairwell. Rather than your usual caged asylum stairwells, danvers sports a caged SPIRAL stairwell. Very cool and not like anything I'd ever seen before.

Most of the building is boarded, which sucks for a daytime exploration, esp. from the photography point of view. However, for us, at night, it was awesome. We could shine our lights as we wished. When we came here and there to the few places that weren't boarded, or to roof access, the view was incredible. Still, I want to go back on a daylight trip, and soon.

Anyway, I may write more on this later, but for now im gonna go watch session 9, so i can al be like "i've been there!"

Thanks mike for the tour!

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Re: Danvers with mike dijital, who adopted my kitty!
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I would have a hard time giving away any of my pets! But at least you know the people and it's a good home for the kitty.

And mapquest is balls. I mean it's good sometimes, but every once in a while it'll send you on some wild tour all over the state when you really only needed to take like, one road.
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UER Forum > Journal Index > drie's journal > Danvers with mike dijital, who adopted my kitty! (Viewed 2296 times)

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