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UER Forum > Journal Index > drie's journal > The NEUEA presents Girls Night Out... (Viewed 2686 times)
The NEUEA presents Girls Night Out...
entry by Drie 
9/20/2004 3:23 PM

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending Girls Night Out, an all girl meet in Danvers, Massachusetts. This event, organized by Erin Digital from Modern Ruins, was the first time that all the northeast girls had a chance to explore together. It was definately a wonderful time.

PSX and I headed over to Danvers from NY, getting there just in time to say a quick hi to Mike Dijital before he headed over to Danvers Hospital. Soon enough, Erin arrived back from picking up Keti from Fallout. Molly from the Cereal Trespassers brought Val, who we had met at NEOPEX. I had no idea she was coming, and I was thrilled to see her. Fasinated, another local explorer, showed up soon later.

The seven of us spent some time discussing the restoration work we were going to do at the Metfern Cemetary. Metfern is the cemetary associated with the Met State hospital, and it's a sorry sight indeed. Basically, the state does the bare minimun to keep up the cemetary (which means they mow the grass, sort of) and its falling apart. The graves are covered in weeds, and some are fallen over. The only indicator that the place was a cemetary at all were two rusty signs, bolted to some high voltage wire supports. The stone angel that had once sat at the hill of the cemetary had been broken long ago.

We loaded our cars with tools, headed over to the cemetary, and began our work. We replaced the rusty signs with new ones that Erin had gotten made. We made some stone markers to indicate the beginning of the cemetary...and we planned. We discussed having a large meet of people to clean up the whole thing. In our community, we know it's doable. Look for news on that soon.

After cleaning up the cemetary, we headed to Met State to do some exploring. We started at the power plant and working our way through several buildings, enjoying our boy-free day. We had one incident where security drove right next to the roof we were on. It was actually pretty funny. I was in plain sight, no where to hide, and the guy was completely oblivious. Keti got a really funny picture of my head and the guys truck.

Getting out was sort of complicated, but after some teamwork and a run in the woods, everything worked out. PSX and I were headed to boston anyway, so we dropped Val at home. All in all, great time. Can't wait for the next one!

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Re: The NEUEA presents Girls Night Out...
< Reply # 1 on 9/21/2004 2:09 AM >
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man oh man that was so fun
Most of my pictures came out really bad, but the one with you and the security truck is completely priceless!!
Ill send em to ya if you'd like

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UER Forum > Journal Index > drie's journal > The NEUEA presents Girls Night Out... (Viewed 2686 times)

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