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Entry: Anti-roost Devices
originally posted by Azrael

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In the UK where there is legislation to prevent pigeons roosting on property these anti-bird nets are used to cover the facades of buildings a few storeys up from the ground, these are also used for the US. These exist mainly on old buildings of Beaux-Arts or historical recreation styles as new office buildings contain few natural roosts.

This is really hard to overcome, it prevents you from gaining access to items behind the netting as handholds and is very strong, it is also not good for climbing up. The grid is too small and may not be affixed well enough, it is also too flexible to climb.

Again, here is some manufacturers information:
It's made of black, 12 ply high density polyethylene (HDPE).
Each strands has a 75 lb. K.B.S. (knotted breaking strength).
K-Net is abrasion, UV, flame and rot resistant.
The ¾” square mesh keeps out all but the smallest of birds.
All knots are steam set, a process that prevents them from slipping or coming loose.

For more information visit


These spikes are designed to stop feral pidgeons from landing and dropping their droppings on certain surfaces. They are also widely used in urban environments, in the UK at least, on ledges and possible handgrips on the outside of buildings (things which may double as perches).

Here is some ifo from the manufacturers on them:

Each piece of "Flock-Off" is 333mm long with 6 pairs of spikes. The spikes are:-
100mm in height.
55mm apart, but set diagonally, thereby reducing the effective gap to 28mm.
Splayed, giving a depth coverage of 65mm.
Round-topped and semi-flexible, to prevent injury to birds. (a concern of the environmentalist lobby.)

The base of each piece of "Flock-Off" is 20mm wide and 4mm thick and has the following features:-
6 holes for fitting with screws or masonry nails.
4 snap-off grooves to facilitate precise installation.
Curved underside for closer fitting to pipes and ridge-tiles.
"Jig-Saw" type connections (male and female) for joining pieces together.


"Flock-Off" bird deterrents are UV-stabilised polycarbonate anti-perching devices which prevent large birds, such as feral pigeons, jackdaws, crows and most seagulls, from perching and roosting on building ledges, beams, pipes and ridge-tiles.

"Flock-Off" bird deterrents are one-piece constructions, so no assembly is required and no corrosion or rusting occurs.

"Flock-Off" bird deterrents are non-conductive. They will not interfere with electronic security systems, or radio signals and transmissions and, unlike metal spikes and wires, they will not attract lightning during thunder storms.

"Flock-Off" is available in the most popular "chameleon clear" form which being glass-like, makes it unobtrusive and so does not detract from a building's appearance.

"Flock-Off" is accordingly endorsed by architects.

Information retrieved from on 1/12/05
"Combat Pest Control Services"

I recommend a tetanus before attempting to get by these


These wires are affixed along windowsills to prevent large birds from roosting. they consist of 3.5" or 5" metal poles with spring-tensioned stainless steel wires strung between them at the top and midway down. They are affixed with adhesive to surfaces and bolted to sheet metal. They prevent you using windowsills as an adequate way of climbing up a building facade or entering via a window.
They are also connected via special nail posts in masonry or wood or around exterior pipes by using circular mounting bases.
If this wasn't enough, they are sometimes electrocuted with a capacitor discharge system that gives a shock at regular intervals or when touched. These shocks are designed to prevent large birds from landing and therefore shouldn't hurt much for humans, but are annoying. However, this is only likely is the building that you are exploring still has electricity supply or is still inhabited.

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UER Forum > UE Encyclopedia > Anti-roost Devices (Viewed 6792 times)

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