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Knott's Berry Farm Haunting
< on 9/3/2006 3:43 AM >
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I was a rides operator on Kingdom of the Dinosaurs about 5 years ago. As I'm lazy, I would usually take the easiest job available, which entailed riding the train all day (and usually sleeping). For those who have never been, KOD is a ride that takes you back in time via a mad scientist's time machine. Once you get through the "time tunnel" you end up in the area where there's a lot of snow, and Neanderthals. There’s a tunnel that separates this area with the next, which is full of mammoths, and is where the train makes its first stop. The train stops 2 times along the way to load on passengers.

Anyway, I always got a strange feeling of being watched and just bad vibes from this stop. As the train continues through the mammoth room, it turns a sharp corner into a VERY dark area, almost pitch black. This is where I saw what I thought was a co-worker walking toward me (I was sitting in the back of the train). I looked away for less than a second, and looked back, and the person had disappeared. I am totally freaked out at this point, but hoping it's just a co-worker screwing with me. At the end of the ride, I get off and ask about the person I had seen. I found out that she was operating as the "operator" (fancy word for the button pusher/screen watcher). This person is not allowed to leave her post for ANYTHING, because she had control of the emergency stop button. I asked my other co-workers, including the shift leader, if she had left her post, or if there was anyone inside. I got a resounding no.

Hmm, I thought, this is getting interesting. I continued to ride the ride (and sleep heh) for the rest of the day without seeing anything. The next day, I ask a different (and older) shift leader if there was a chance that the ride was haunted. She just smiled at me and told me a story about a fire that had occurred in the building a long time ago, and said that 2 people had burned to death in there. One was a little girl, 3 or 4 years old, and the other was the maintenance worker who had gone in and tried to save her. Then she explained that she's seen the spirit as well, and so have several of the other operators currently working on the ride, and others who had asked to work on other rides. I had seen this spirit about 4 times in the time I had worked there. I started calling him Fred, and told the other ops about him. I actually caused several people to quit with my story heh. Once some of the others found out that I had seen him, they told me that they had seen him as well. No one has seen the child in there.

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Re: Knott's Berry Farm Haunting
< Reply # 1 on 12/27/2007 4:58 PM >
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Posted on Forum: UER Forum
Well, whether people know it or not, amusement parks are full of ghosts, most of them anyway.
Disneyland is a prime example. The silly hokey Haunted Mansion is full of ghosts, the building's managed to attract all kinds from nearby. From a man that died in a plane crash in the 40's to the ghost of a kid who died sometime in the mid 70's because he got out in an area where there was a gap in the walkway, fell 15 feet and broke his neck.
Hell, even the apartment Disney had built for himself in Cinderella Castle is supposedly haunted. Caretakers report finding cigarette butts in the ashtrays even when the room has been locked for weeks and no one is supposed to be going in there, among other oddities.


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UER Forum > Private Boards Index > Ghosts and Hauntings > Knott's Berry Farm Haunting (Viewed 2835 times)

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