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UER Forum > UE Encyclopedia > Hiding in Plain Sight (Viewed 6554 times)
Entry: Hiding in Plain Sight
originally posted by Duke

[last edit 12/12/2011 4:25 AM by jolly stubb - edited 2 times]

Hiding in plain sight, in essence, is the art of looking like you belong somewhere that you CLEARLY do not. This technique can be very handy when not wanting to arouse suspicion.

Often times looking the part, or using a prop will qualify as hiding in plain sight as it's an exercise in social engineering. Generally if you try to not look suspicious, you instantly look suspicious. Nothing is less suspicious than someone who looks like they belong where they are and know exactly why they need to be there...which you do, and remember that ; )

Some examples of Hiding in plain sight:

-It's 3:00am, you work at the mall, and are using your newfound opening priveleges to gain access to the elaborate system of piping and underground corridors of the mall. So, you wear your name tag because even though it's after hours, you can often pass it off by saying very simple things such as "Oh my boss is a prick and he made me come in and make sure we had something in stock for his wife because I'm the only poor sap who answers their phone at this time of night!" in a very enraged tone of voice. Besides, you're just exploring, and you work in the damn building, what are they gonna say to you when they find no stolen goods on you?

-You're exploring an office building that's goin up. Wear dirty-ass clothes, steel-toed boots, possibly even a hard hat. Construction companies are huge that work on these buldings, chances are if someone DOES see you no one will recognize you, and subsequently not think anything of it. If they say something, "Yeah I'm from another site, I'm lookin for your foreman? My boss sent me over to get an materials invoice or somethin? he said your foreman would know what I'm looking for" If you're just a scrawny kid it'll help because you'll look like you're just some labourer, probably another site foreman's nephew who needed a summer job.

Perhaps you see a pattern, the idea is making people just jump to a conclusion about who you are that doesn't involve the word "trespassing". As explorers, we expect to be seen and people will automatically know we're not supposed to be somewhere. In fact the most effective way to duck security sometimes is to walk up to them before they walk up to you. What kind of trespasser asks for directions?

Another very useful and simple "disguise" is safety vest whilst on the rails. This way when ordinary people from a distance see you, they assume it is a worker walking the rails.
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UER Forum > UE Encyclopedia > Hiding in Plain Sight (Viewed 6554 times)

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