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Our first house in Bowmanville
< on 6/22/2011 5:17 PM >
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Posted on Forum: UER Forum
My wife and I bought our first house in Bowmanville back around 1993. It was a heritage-designated "Ontario Cottage" built around 1880. The house itself was a wonderful mix of original (gently warped pine plank flooring, some horsehair plaster, triple brick, rubble foundation, wavy glass windows) and updated (indoor plumbing lol, electrical etc).

The third day we were there I woke up early in the morning and went to the bathroom. The linen closet door was open and the contents of the closet (it only contained towels and washcloths) were strewn around the room. I sleepily picked them up and replaced them (we had just scrubbed that floor the day before) and wondered how our two cats had 1. managed to get the door open 2. managed to get up on each shelf 3. managed to get the towels strewn around the room. I went back to bed and in the morning woke up to see more towels on our dresser (I would not have seen them earlier in the dark). Our cats were pretty big but there was no way they would have been able (or willing) to leap up on our dresser dragging towels.

We never figured out what happened. Most logical answer is one of us was sleepwalking - the stress of being new homeowners perhaps - but neither of us had done anything like that before or since. We were only there for a few years before we relocated to south-western Ontario and we had no other unusual experiences in that house other than our cats would routinely watch, in unison, the same invisible (to us) object travel around rooms. Also the home was incredibly inviting to us - we had never been anywhere before (or since) that we felt so "welcomed" when we came in the door. I miss that.

So - take that as you will. I personally don't believe we were sleepwalking but it is logical explanation. The cats might have been simply watching dust float around (but we could never see what they were looking at, and they did this daily). The welcoming feeling might have simply been romanticizing over our new house, the smell of wood smoke, the thick wood floors etc.

Sorry this was so long. I tend to go on sometimes.

I miss that house.


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Re: Our first house in Bowmanville
< Reply # 1 on 6/22/2011 5:32 PM >
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Posted on Forum: UER Forum
Feel free to go on as long as you like, I love reading other people's experiences.

I have lived in a few "strange" houses. Now I just accept, weird stuff happens
I lived in one house with my sister and a couple of other friends, and we had an elderly lady who would move things around, and open and close the cupboards in the kitchen in the middle of the night.
She would do things like move the can opener and we would find it in the bathroom drawers, or in one of our wardrobes or somewhere equally unhelpful.
We knew it was an old woman because one day I was home alone in the living room and saw an elderly lady walk up to the front door (the house was an odd shape, like a [ and the top portion was the living room and you could see right down to the street. The front door and back door were directly opposite one another and the front door was on the inside part of the [. )
I hope that made sense - anyway I saw an old woman walk up to the front door and just stand there. And she was completely solid, she just stood there, didn't ring the bell, didn't knock. I stood up to go answer the door and saw her walk down towards the street, so I shot out the back door to catch her coming around the bottom part of the house to exit the driveway, and she was nowhere to be seen.
No car, no-one on the street, not in my yard. Only exit was the driveway.
Just .. gone.
And I ran pretty darn quick, there was no way that little old lady was faster than me

Sometimes we would see the shadow of what appeared to be a little old lady walk down the hallway, and you would hear her pretty much every night, banging around the kitchen.
I have so many other stories but I will stop here, I didn't mean to write a novel on your thread 1.
tried to add a house plan but it went mental on me = edit

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