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North America
United States     
        Fort Lauderdale     
             Disco Ruins 1 8    
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   8      
             Hurricane Wilma -- Cassandra Manor 1 20    
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   20      
             Pink Apartments 1 9    
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   9      
             Trailer Park Reclaimed By Jungle 1 17    
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   17      
        Kansas City     
             Abandoned Meatpacking Plant? 1 20    
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   20      
             Abandoned Mine 1 23    
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   23      
             Abandoned Park Staircase 1 7 1  
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   7      
             Agland Inc. 4 82 2 1
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   56      
                  TRAGEDY!   3      
                  the man lift          
             Northeast Junior High school 2 112    
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   82      
             Union Pacific Freight House 3 58    
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   24      
             Great Western Cement Co. 2 31 1  
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   25      
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   6      
             Topeka State Hospital 7 107 2  
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   18      
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   23      
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   11      
             WIBW Radio and TV station 1 13 1  
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   13      
             Macy's Former Jewelry Department 1 13    
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   13      
             Paper Mill 1 25    
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   25      
             Riverside Ruins 1 16 1  
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   16      
        Cape Girardeau     
             St. Vincent's College 1 15    
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   15      
        Kansas City     
             AMC Empire 4 (Main Street Theater) 5 74 1 1
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   40      
             Climbing An A Billboard 1 9    
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   9      
             Dierks Building 1 20    
                  the view from the top   20      
             Gardner Ave. Elevators 1 4    
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   4      
             Holy Name Church 3 58 1  
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   23      
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   17      
                  Inside The Tower!   18      
             Mid-America Mini Storage 3 52    
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   25      
                  Goodbye! **sobbing**   7      
             Midland Theater 2 37    
                  down in the basement   25      
                  up in the attic   12      
             Reservoir -- Northeast Neighborhood 5 33    
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   13      
             St. Francis Seraph Church 3 39    
                  sad   1      
             Sugar Creek Refinery; Former Site 1 14    
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   14      
             The Jones Store 3 42 1  
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   28      
             Union Station Power Plant 4 56    
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   25      
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   22      
                  on the roof   1      
             Western Baptist Bible College 5 69    
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   11      
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   21      
        North Kansas City     
             ADM Processing 1 21    
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   21      
        St. Joseph     
             Railroad Bridge Over The Missouri River 2 13    
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   11      
             Illinois Central Railroad Bridge 1 16    
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   16      
             Magnolia Hotel Roof 1 10    
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   10      
        Ponca City     
             Lincoln Beerblower Power Plant 1 11    
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   11      
             TruckPro Warehouse 1 14    
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   14      
             Fair Park & Cotton Bowl 3 66    
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   25      
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   25      
                  peterbillionaire's gallery   16      
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What is a Location?
The name Location simply refers to any type of place to explore. A building, tunnel, cave, field... whatever comes to mind.

What is the UE Location Database?
The UE Location Database is located at the Urban Exploration Resource ( It allows anyone to create a new Location, upload pictures and stories, and much more.

Since when is this around?
The UE Location Database was officially opened on July 30th, 2003.

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