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North America
             Shipwrecks of The St-Laurent 5 47    
                  SPEK's Baie Saint-Paul area rotten boats.   23      
                  SPEK's Accalmie of the summer.   6      
             Consumers Glass Ltée. 2 49 1  
                  SPEK's Consumers Glass lookout   48      
             Terminal Maritime Contrecoeur 1 34    
                  SPEK's not " À Contre-Coeur" visit.   34      
             Jenkins Valves 19 355 2 2
                  SPEK's selection of the old days: 1996   17      
                  SPEK's 2003 underexposed photo selection   22      
                  SPEK's toxicity update 2004   44      
             Saint-Julien Church 3 48 1 1
                  SPEK's strike of the weekend.   32      
             Alstom Canada 16 372 5  
                  SPEK's Metal Gear game for real 1/2   25      
                  SPEK's Metal Gear game for real 2/2   23      
             Ateliers Rosemont 4 222    
                  Mixing with workers.   35      
             Brock Street Tunnel 4 32    
                  SPEK's In the Squatters nest.   22      
             Canadian Vickers 2 13    
                  SPEK's Selection of the old days.   9      
             Centre Préfontaine 4 38 1  
                  SPEK's on the lookout for a squat.   5      
             CN Fruit Warehouse 9 68    
                  SPEK's lemon of the day.   18      
             CNR Wellington Bridge 4 14 1  
                  SPEK's bridge picture.   3      
             Daniel McAllister Tugboat 3 18    
                  SPEK's walking on ice tour   13      
             Historic Photos of Montréal 52 733 3  
                  Saint-Henri view   4      
             Imperial Tobacco 2 20    
                  One by one   12      
             Institut Demers... In A Steinberg's 4 35 1  
                  Spek at the Steinberg's, A grocery of UE.   25      
                  I have a few more to add.   4      
             Merchants Manufacturing Co. 3 43 1  
                  SPEK's Merchant trip.   25      
                  SPEK'S Dominion Textile tour.   15      
             Montreal Locomotive Works 2 63 1  
                  SPEK's better than nothing trip:   36      
             Old Boarding House On St-Antoine 7 39    
                  SPEK's 1999 Atach Tatuq RU pictures   5      
             Parc Jean-Drapeau 21 395 1 1
                  SPEK's Pole position drive by.   11      
             Redpath Sugars 13 221 1 1
                  SPEK's selection of the old days 1995-1998   24      
                  SPEK's 2003 selection   13      
                  SPEK's 2004 loft construction update.   8      
                  SPEK's Historical Warp-Zone.   11      
             Sanatorium Bourget, Hospice St-Jean-de-Dieu, Louis-H 2 56 2 1
                  A link to the past.   5      
                  SPEK's insanity tourney.   51      
             Sifto Salt 4 17 1  
                  On the red light.   1      
             Stelco Steel / Montreal Rolling Mills 7 22 1  
                  SPEK's first and last picture   1      
             Walter M. Lowney Co. of Canada 6 68    
                  SPEK's all around view.   10      
                  SPEK's sweet taste of the inside.   27      
             York Theater 5 30 1 1
                  All I got.   4      
        Quebec City     
             St-Lawrence Cement 3 90 1  
                  SPEK's drive-by the demolition pictures   6      
             Singer Co. of Canada Ltd. 23 442 2 1
                  SPEK's Singer Safari-photo tour.   28      
                  SPEK's Singer cloth factory tour.   41      
                  SPEK's Sewing In The Place.   61      
                  SPEK and Ben Mox   36      
             Mount Sinaï Sanatorium 9 367 10 2
                  SPEK's Tuberculosis Tour   31      
                  SPEK's Summer rest area in 24 exposures.   24      
                  SPEK'S after death pictures.   9      
                  The old man with a touch of UE.          
             Douglas Protestant Hospital For The Insane 2 32 1 1
                  SPEK's not insane at all trip.   31      
             Morrison's Quarry 2 49    
                  An alkaline discovery.   42      
             Geo. W. Reed & Co. 23 385 2  
                  SPEK's ? Geo W. Reed co. pictures.   33      
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The UE Location Database was officially opened on July 30th, 2003.

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