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So Africa     
    Eastern Cape     
             House Ruins #2 1 6    
                  Phone pics while wandering aimlessly   6      
             House Ruins #3 1 5    
                  I love this town!   5      
             Nieu-Bethesda Abattoir 1 8    
                  Wandering around   8      
             Sheep Farm House 1 8    
                  ...and wandering...   8      
             Fort Wonderboompoort 2 28 1  
                  TripAdvisor photos   8      
                  Visit with a friend named Darren   20      
             Selati 1 20    
                  I went to the Kruger to see some lions and shit   20      
    Northern Cape     
             Basic Ruins of Noupoort 1 6    
                  A drive by   6      
    Western Cape     
        Cape Town     
             Foreshore Overpass 1 4    
                  Visiting a landmark   4      
             Outeniqua Choo Tjoe Bridge and Tracks 1 11    
                  Always a fun hike   11      

So Korea     
             Fired House 1 9    
                  Ey boyo, why so ashy?   9      
        Gapyeong, Cheongpyeong     
             Old Cheongpyeong Station 3 15    
                  Quick mission just for quick photos   7      
                  Godless people they are!   6      
                  Recently rediscovered photos of a 2013 visit   2      
        Gapyeong, Daeseong-ri     
             Chueotang 1 12    
                  No food here. Move along   12      
             The Goshiwons 1 12    
                  Lucky find   12      
        Gapyeong, Hyeon-ri     
             LUCE STAR Construction site 1 15    
                  2 minutes from home   15      
             Sseon Motel 1 7    
                  Finally   7      
             Sareung Restaurant 1 11    
                  5 minute mission   11      
             Maegyo-dong 3 44    
                  Two separate visits   25      
                  Return   10      
             Uiwang Industrial Area 1 25    
                  First Visit   25      
             Daelim Steel 2 35    
                  Visit with Zaz3494   18      
             Dong Hae Chemical Corp Yongin 1 11    
                  Spotted on the way home   11      
             Factory 3 15    
                  After demolition   2      
             ROK Soldiers Jjimjilbang 1 11    
                  Looking for something else, found this instead   11      
             Dongbu-ri 1 15    
                  Visiting a friend, came across this   15      
             Punggi Hanok Cluster 1 11    
                  Quite interesting this place   11      
             Punggi Steam Engine 1 15    
                  I do like trains   15      
             Beef Restaurant Shell 1 9    
                  4am   9      
             Korail & Solitary Confinement 1 6    
                  What is this place?   6      
             Pungdeok-dong Workshop 1 10    
                  Visit with s9UVdeLRG6   10      
             Cheongnyangni 588 2 18    
                  Phone pic nighttime explore with Thee Robbie   10      
             Godeok 3 4 50    
                  In awe   10      
                  In celebration of the new year   11      
             Seoullo 7017 2 21    
                  Seoullo overpass in new, repurposed state   2      
             Sinnae Modern Architecture 1 12    
                  Why demolish this place?   12      
             Sky Apartments 2 45    
                  Just in time   21      

             No Roof Shops 1 9    
                  Walking to the resort   9      
    Special Region of Yogyakarta     
             Mediocre Graffiti Offices 1 12    
                  Quick visit   12      

             Clara Ziekenhuis 1 9    
                  Look out   9      
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