Try Try Again (a comedy of sorts)
Tue, Nov 14th, 2006
posted by Explorer Zero

Not long before this DB entry, I spotted a new 4 strand wire fence going up all around about 800 acres of rural Plano. But I thought it odd that it was not barbed wire just smooth steel wire so it was not for keeping livestock in. Eventually signs started showing up on the fence line placed every 300ft or so that said "Not Open to the Public". So the question became, who was it open to?

There were at least two active ranches and a 3rd active horse ranch and some other little farm houses down here where Rowlett Creek meanders through the neighborhood. Barns, horse stables hay fields. It was starting to look like like this might all be going to become some kinda park! A bit of bond money research online and I learned that Plano had bought up all the land at bargain basement prices and planned to build a "nature preserve". Always follow the money. So thats why the public was not allowed in here it was being saved for nature!

I drove by a couple more times during the daytime and saw cars and trucks coming and going from those active active ranches. My first drive-by at night supported there was indeed activity as lights were visible inside some of the ranch houses. As I slowed down to get a better look, out of nowhere a Plano PD squad car swoops right down on me and the officer rolled down his wondow and asked: "what are you doing out here?" I said just looking and he said "well keep moving you cant park anywhere on this road". Ok then I said thanks then pulled a half legal u-turn only to have officer friendly do the same. I figured I just earned another moving violation but being a diligent public servant he just followed me out to the main road just to make sure I didnt try to park anywhere on his road. Obviously he was stationed out here for the night watch.

A week or so later a burning curiosity had gotten the better of me and I drove by again this time even later at night. After a couple of drive bys I was satisfied there no lights on in the buildings no appearance of any activity and no cops. The cable gate was up so I parked a long ways off and jogged down the main road til I could duck into the woods. All geared up with tripod and multiple flashlights it looked like I was going in this time.

No sooner than I had emerged from the trees and approached the little condo style building I gave a quick flash of my light right up the back driveway and directly onto the reflective decals of a Plano police cruiser!

Holy crap! I thought I was busted for sure now. My heart skipped a beat or two and I froze debating whether to chance running for the brush to escape a more than likely younger and faster cop or just trying to bullshit my way through it. I froze at least a second or three longer, then maybe 20 or 30 seconds passed and no angry cop got out, there was no yelling, no MAGLITE shining back in my eyes, nothing! I crept a few steps closer and found to my relief the damn cop car was empty.

As I took two or three silent steps backwards and relished in my new found relief I said almost out loud, "well where Hell is he if he's not in his car? Flashlight off, I looked all around to see if I was being watched or fixin to get ambushed and then I just listened for a while to see if I could hear any cop noises like a walkie talkie breaking squelch or any movement of any kind.

Not wanting to scare some rookie cop who would in turn scare me, I made a quick dash for the shadows of the trees alongside the main road and hoofed it back to the car. Now don't think for a minute this did anything to curb my curiosity I just had to know why the city was guarding an empty ranch house.

I'll be back I muttered.