Short Story
Fri, Apr 20th, 2007
posted by Explorer Zero

I try to add what little I can in terms of a story to each of my LDB entry. Guess Im easily amused.

I was on a search and exploring trip elsewhere when I found this building. It was visible from the service road of the highway.

Drove around the block a couple times looking for a place to park and observe any neighbor activity.
Its hard to tell whats active and whats abandoned in some small towns like this and just because a car is in the driveway doesn't mean an occupant is home. Flat tires, license plates from 1986, sometimes the clues jump out at you like a neon sign saying "hey explore me"!.

But wait, the grass has been cut recently. And there are fresh tire tracks in the driveway. Now walking from a inconspicous parking place, a passing car almost stops next to me to gawk. Often a pedestrian draws more attention than a motorist. I felt more conspicous carrying a camera bag anyway. Everyone knows everyone else in a town like Cisco so I may as well have been carrying a banner that said "hey Im a stranger check me out".

Soon as they were out of sight I dodged into the nearest window. I always feel safer once inside but I kept going back to check the back trail. Satisfied I wasnt being watched I went room by room in the ususal fashion only taking mental notes and flash snapshots. I came to a room full of stuff. Like second hand store garage sale stuff, just trash really some old slothes, some toys and housewares. Sheesh this was somebodies business?

Around back, a brick structure that made me think of an old forge or furnace of some type. Not sure but it was obvious it was pretty old and had not been used in 73 or 87 years or something.

I almost always look for documents and any other artifacts or clues as to the date and identify of these places and found some ghost signs and insignificant paperwork here and there. Upstairs was a rush because the floor was bad on the south side and it bounced up and down like a spring board the closer you got.

I decided this place was probably on its 5th or 6th ownership or purpose that is, converted to a different business or whatever.

Ok enough for now. It wont be around long so enjoy the snapshots.