DEA rides at dusk
Wed, Dec 21st, 2005
posted by Explorer Zero

Had this short story to tell, its not a real exciting tale like secret agent stuff but as explorations go this had to be one of the all-time top 10 trips in terms of fun!

Noah Vale and I had made the trip out here planning to arrive right about sundown. I had reconned the place about a month earlier and found activity on a weekday so the plan was to see if there was any chance of getting in undetected on a weekend. Our initial drive by proved the gate to the active section next door was now closed and locked and there were no personnel visible. Then we heard a small motor running and up the damn road came an ATV with a female security guard. She went one way and we went the other. I watched in the rear view mirror while she turned into the neighboring property. We drove to our pre-selected parking spot about a 1/2 mile away and past another active neighbor.

As we approached on foot we could hear the same ATV coming again so we ducked into the woods and out of site of the road for a moment. Once the ATV was gone we broke out of the woods and over the fence. At this point we both went into abandoned wonderland snapshot mode and for about an hour didnt even see each other. The place was a massive maze of pipes, buildings and other refinery apparatus but eventually we crossed paths again.

"Hey man you gotta check this out look what I found" Noah said. "Yeah wait til you see what I found a room filled with enormous compressors and diesel engines" I said. We went back and forth retracing some of the same ground each other had covered and still finding new and amazing stuff everywhere. We wanted very badly to climb the huge cracking towers but still some light left and these towers can be seen from just about everywhere within a half mile so we held off.

Hey check this out looks like the employee locker room I whispered. The activity next door was close now, like just across the fence and we could hear every sound they were making and people talking. As I stepped through the door of the locker room about a dozen cold rubbery hands reached out of the darkness as if to grasp an unwary passersby. As I turned to express my amazement I was met by another shocking scene, Noah Vale wearing a hazmat hood had silently followed me in and I stiffled an out-loud laugh and said "hold it right there man I gotta get a picture of this!"

So here he is one of the original "Boyz in the Hood"


Darkness was approaching fast and we stopped to shoot a few more pics including my favorites, some firefighting gear with Red Adairs company logo and the aforementioned wall of rubber gloves! We had saved the office for last since it was on our way out.

The office looked like a large house and inside it was fitted out much like a residence even had a kitchen area and full bath. Then I saw it, drooling and unable to speak coherently, I mumbled uhh hey man heres uhh safe and its full of uhh stuff! The door was partially opened but it wouldnt budge somebody had slammed it tight on a bunch of papers and files wedging the door shut tighter than I could apply force by hand. As I looked for something to pry with my partner whispered those dreaded words that have been spoken on more than one of our infiltrations: "hey man we got company".

I forgot my obsession with prying on the safe and went to where Noah was peeking out through the blinds. Here came 3 guys all dressed in black hoodies down the road right towards us. At about 50 yards we could tell they were young and not very menacing but still walking right for the office. Noah said "whatta ya wanna do?" "Lets see what theyre up to" I said, "yeah if they come in here we're gonna scare the ever-lovin shit out of them" (insert surley chuckle here) Lucky for them they kept on walkin sparing themselves from the embarassment of crapping their pants if we had jumped out of the dark at them inside that office!