2X & Me
Thu, Aug 23rd, 2007
posted by Barry Kooda

I've been waiting for this place to be accessible for a long time and went by today. I parked around back and started checking it out when I came across a homeless guy squatting inside one of the warehouses. I didn't want to bother him and there was plenty more to explore so I checked which of the several buildings were open. There was a basement entrance and, of course, I'd forgotten my flashlights.
RULE 1: Always be prepared...
I called 2X and he was on lunch break and said he'd be up for it so I walked around taking photos and waiting for him. Code Compliance showed up but since they never do anything anyway I just ignored him. I saw a cat who'd been killed in the parking lot by dogs, probably last night and then got a whiff of a dog who'd been dead a while. 2X showed up with an extra flashlight and we went in. The brick building had been used for years as band rehearsal space and from the looks of it, a lot of them had lived there. We spent a couple hours there before we parted ways and 2X said I should put it in the DB. Since I've been soured by the competitive nature of the DB, I hadn't put any of my stuff here for a while but I figured I'd add this one so people can check it out. It's pretty cool and not hazardous and an interesting way to spend some time. Sort of a Dallas Rock & Roll time capsule.