Love lost
Wed, Jul 23rd, 2014
posted by Explorer Zero

I was a regular visitor at these apartments back in the day. I met a girl in Garland and we began dating frequently. She lived at home then but her and her sister decided to move out and get an apartment on their own. Eastgate apartments were not cheap then in fact they were one of the more expensive and trendy apartment complexes in this area. Big parties would be held out at the pool in summer and in the ball room during the winter. Texas law had changed to allow 18yr olds to buy and consume alcohol about this time and we wasted no time utilizing our new freedom.

One such event we had about 10 to 12 ice chests filled with beer and wine coolers, about 60lbs of chicken on the BBQ and enough potato salad to fill a Jacuzzi. I only remember parts of this but most of us ended up in the pool, fully clothed, partially clothed or not clothed at all. I don't remember if they had security Im sure they did but they never bothered us. Garland PD was another story. They had to come out on several occasions as these parties wore on until the wee hours. Most of the time they were cool unless you were being rowdy or belligerent, usually they just told us to keep it down.

As things go with 17-18 year old romances I met other residents of Eastgate and found another relationship (with her sister) but so did she. We still attended some of the same drunken bashes and BBQ dinners together but we had been going our separate ways. The rent got to be too much for her and her sister and so they moved on. I never heard from either again.

When I was attending college nearby I tried to rent a 1 bedroom here but was told there was a waiting list of at least one year. This was major set back in my social life because this was party central and most other apartment complexes in this area that were this nice were populated with older tenants that didn't share our zeal for fun times.

I had to wonder what happened to the sisters as I wandered around here in 2005 recalling all the wild times and good friendships we had.