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Thu, Feb 12th, 2015
posted by Explorer Zero
2Xtreme's story

My story and Im sticking to it was we stumbled across this place while fly fishing on White Rock Creek. Fishing was not good that day we saw dozens giant carp and buffalo fish (like suckers) in the 12-15lb range but they would not take a fly for anything.

As we crossed under LBJ Freeway we noticed what appeared to be a pond behind what appeared to be a house. Behind that there appeared to be a large garage or workshop type building. All the glass had been smashed out of the house, which gave all indications from the outside anyway that it was a private residence, a vacant one too. Seeing that it was abandoned and nobody was home we proceeded to cast our flies in the small pond on the property. We caught a couple of nice little sunfish and a few largemouth bass but the pond was small and the bite soon ended.

I couldn't help myself, I had to sneak over and peer inside the vacant house. It was trashed out. There was evidence that an attempt to board it up several years ago had been defeated, several years ago and the 1/4" plywood was broken and strewn about all rotten now from exposure to the elements. We didn't go inside that day and it was posted with cheap hardware store black and orange Keep Out signs.

There wasn't much in the way of online research back then and it was only later that I learned this place had a history of sorts. We had the idea to return here and hide a geocache, an online game using GPS coordinates. At any rate it was at least a year later and when we arrived there was 2nd generation of boarding up with 1/2" thick plywood, 3" decking screws and the boarding had even been painted in a contrasting white to match the trim. Since it appeared that it was being rehab'd or remodeled we gave up on the geocache idea and went back to fishing in the pond and in White Rock Creek. This time using dough bait and heavy line but the buffalo fish and the carp and moved on too.

I went back a few times but in reality this place wasn't all that interesting. By now we had read the online haunted house stories on websites and forums. No reasonable person would attribute much credibility to anything posted on those sites. I had found a less visible entrance and as I was walking towards it from the north gate when here came a dude about 40yrs old or so wearing pants, no shoes and no shirt and no suntan. It was spring time and still quite chilly. Next came a 20 something female wearing Daisy Duke short cut shorts and a little tank top. Hmmmm, I figured it was a hooker rendezvous or something until I saw two little kids come staggering out, maybe 8-10 years old, shaggy haired, ragged clothing, they were pushing and fighting with each other and the shirtless Dad turned around and told them to pipe down. I watched from a little bamboo thicket as they ambled off south towards the freeway and Park Central. Since they did not appear to be recreational visitors like myself I assumed they were homeless people maybe the same ones that had nastied the place out. I hesitated for some reason maybe I didn't feel right exploring their illegitimate home as I listened to my instincts for a change. Then something caught my eye, in an upstairs window the boarding had been removed, there was no glass either. But there was a face though, a face of an old woman and she was looking right at me!

Ok now I really hesitated I had stepped into the open from the bamboo, she had seen me for certain. I didn't want to confront some old crazy homeless woman in the dark (it was real dark in there) whether or not she was real, a specter, or a simple figment of my imagination, in any case I just turned around and walked. Maybe she was the matriarch of the homeless clan that just left. I don't know but it was an Alfred Hitchcock moment for sure the way she just stared down at me was a little unnerving.

Then one day as I was channel surfing the morning news, Flash: "Dallas landmark burns to the ground said the news babe, an alleged haunted house near LBJ freeway burned to the ground last night, investigators were still trying to determine the cause of the blaze". Ha, no surprise here, bums had been tearing the boards off and using them to build fires in the place for years.

I drove by later that day DFD was still on scene overhauling the debris. It was an active fire scene and I got run off in about 3 minutes. After things had settled down a while I went back to photograph the garage or work shop what some people called a warehouse. There was some obvious signs of environmental clean up effort. Petrosorb, a kitty litter type material used to soak up oil and hydraulic fluid leaked from the landscape equipment was packed into 55 gallon drums and lined up and ready to be removed. All the LBJ house debris had been scraped up and hauled off.


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