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North America
        Between Sudbury and Nobel     
             Highway 69 5 105 1  
                  Hopped into a Stolen Car and took Hwy 69   24      
             944 Brant St 9 125    
                  Mystery on Brant   11      
             Central Wellington District HS 1 16    
                  It was a dark and stormy night   16      
             Goldie Mill Ruins 4 71    
                  Afternoon Stroll   18      
                  Night Hike   14      
             Guelph Memorial Gardens (Arena) 3 25    
                  Axle Scouting   11      
                  Current Demolition   5      
             Stewart Mills 3 26    
                  Recon 1   6      
                  Night Recon   8      
             Connaught Bowling & Billiards 2 19    
                  The Avalanche Has Already Started   11      
             Dofasco Building 6 83   1
                  Going Under   10      
             Firestone Boiler House 6 85    
                  Lego Blocks!   25      
             Firestone Building 10 160    
                  A View to a Roof   15      
             Lyric Theatre 15 206 4  
                  GORDON! I want you to wake up   10      
             Mount Royal Condos 1 16    
                  Hall of the Mountain King   16      
             Stelco No. 2 Rod Mill 6 118 1  
                  Steel Sexuality   16      
             Consumers Glass 8 168    
                  Scouting turns to Exploring   29      
                  Night Crawl - UrbEx:Milton Meet   27      
                  Demolition & Aftermath   25      
                  St. Patrick's Exploration   25      
             Martin House 1 9    
                  Entry Denied   9      
             Ontario Renaissance Fair 3 41    
                  Axle & Xanthus First visit   13      
                  Xanthus's Scouting Mission   21      
             Waldie's Blacksmith 2 17   1
                  Closed -- Exterior Shots   9      
                  Historical   8      
                  Personal Experiance          
             Dixie / Derry Abandoned Buildings (Rae House) 4 109 1  
                  Axle's Visit   20      
             Medland House 4 31    
                  Axle's First Visit   4      
                  Arson!   6      
                  Arson Revisited   12      
             Oakville Hydro / Adult Learning Center 3 66    
                  Demolition   3      
             Oakville Hydro Operations Center 4 66    
                  I've Got the Power   20      
             Oakville Region Dept. of Public Works 3 59 1  
                  It's Gone   2      
             Park Plaza Hotel 4 92    
                  Room Service   25      
             Procor Limited 6 114    
                  Trains, Cars, and Industrial Alarms   13      
             Acsys Technologies / GM North Plant 3 22 1  
                  it's gone   2      
        St. Thomas     
             Alma College 7 115 5 3
                  Alma Dreams Torn Asunder   7      
             Bata Shoes Headquarters 4 32   1
                  Into Darkness          
             Historic Photos of Toronto 11 95 1  
                  Axle's Archives   24      
             John Inglis Co. 11 209 2  
                  my butt's numb   21      
             JR Short Canadian Mills 8 141   1
                  In and Out   12      
                  Historic   6      
             Old Fort York 3 20    
                  Guard Demo   6      
             St. Anthony Elementary School 6 73    
                  School's Out   19      
                  Coming Back Again   8      
             West Donlands Garage 2 33    
                  Well it's long...   18      
United States     
             Fort Pulaski 2 28    
                  Axle's Family Vacation   8      
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What is a Location?
The name Location simply refers to any type of place to explore. A building, tunnel, cave, field... whatever comes to mind.

What is the UE Location Database?
The UE Location Database is located at the Urban Exploration Resource ( It allows anyone to create a new Location, upload pictures and stories, and much more.

Since when is this around?
The UE Location Database was officially opened on July 30th, 2003.

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